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The Future King

Many tales have been told of the boy who became our greatest King. Very few have spoken of the future...

Tom Huddleston's debut novel THE WAKING WORLD was the first book in a planned trilogy entitled THE FUTURE KING, a series of thrilling adventure stories reimagining the myths of King Arthur in a fresh, futuristic setting.

‘Enthralling... strays far enough from the Arthur myth to feel fresh.’ SciFiNow

‘Absorbing, exciting... A great blend of mystery, action and the supernatural.’ Bookbag

‘A very accomplished and exciting debut... a triumph.’ Magical Fiction Since Potter


Published by David Fickling Books in 2013 and widely acclaimed by both readers and reviewers, THE WAKING WORLD takes place in a land under siege. For years, bloodthirsty Marauder pirates have raided along the coast, carrying off goods and cattle. Now they're growing bolder, striking further inland, even taking slaves to man their black ships. An invasion is underway.


As the son of a wealthy Law, young Aran should be safe. The underground farmstead of Hawk's Cross lies far from the sea, and even the killing winds that sweep down from the moors can't penetrate those steel gates. But Aran doesn't want to be safe, he wants to be a warrior: to fight for his friends, his family and his home.

Fusing middle-grade fantasy, dystopian fiction and Arthurian myth, THE WAKING WORLD works as a thrilling standalone adventure story. But it was initially planned as the first instalment in an epic trilogy following Aran's rise to power, and his struggles to unify a land in conflict. Sadly, following a series of unfortunate events in the publishing world, these further instalments in the series never came to fruition. I've since prepared a revised, improved version of THE WAKING WORLD alongside full outlines for Books 2 and 3, so if any publishers out there would like to explore the possibility of reviving the trilogy, get in touch!




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