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On a faraway planet, alien animals need help! Luckily, 10-year-old Charlie and her robot friend, Random, are ready for any rescue adventure… Beautifully illustrated by Sophy Williams, the COSMIC CREATURES series is perfect for young space fans and animal-mad readers aged 5+.


An original sci-fi series for readers aged 5 and up, Cosmic Creatures takes place on the mysterious planet Vela, a magical, far-off world full of surprises. A group of human settlers have come to explore the planet and to preserve its natural beauty - but the local wildlife is just as interested in them as they are in it!

The Cosmic Creatures series comprises four exciting, upbeat stories. In The Runaway Rumblebear, young Charlie and her robot sidekick Random stumble across an adorable creature who won't stop eating. In The Friendly Firecat, they hide an injured animal from a band of intergalactic rustlers. In The Helpful Hootpuff, a trip to the local caves turns into a quest to rescue Random from a flock of owl-like underground dwellers. And in The Snuggly Snowpop, an attempt to climb the highest mountain on Vela is hampered by a pair of cheeky, furry stowaways.

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