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The Places and Cultures that Inspired Frank Herbert

An in-depth exploration of the rich and diverse influences behind Frank Herbert's DUNE novels. Whether you're a

long-established admirer of Herbert's writing or a new fan brought to Dune through Denis Villeneuve's film
adaptations, this is your comprehensive go-to resource to explore the intricate worlds of Herbert's imagining.


In the decades since its publication, Frank Herbert’s Dune has become arguably the best-selling and certainly the best-known science fiction novel ever written. So how did an ex-Navy newspaperman from Washington State come to write such a world-conquering novel? And how was he able to pack it with so many layers of myth and meaning? 

Herbert’s boundless imagination was sparked by a dizzying array of ideas, from classical history to cutting-edge science, from environmentalism to Zen philosophy, and from Arabic texts to Shakespeare’s tragedies.

Beginning on Arrakis and going planet by planet, The Worlds of Dune offers a supremely deep dive into Herbert's universe – detailing along the way the many diverse strands that he wove into his epic creation to offer a visually rich accompaniment to this sci-fi classic.

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